Monday, November 30, 2009

Shock and Awe

You think I am going to talk about the Tiger Woods incident? No, I'm talking about something far more shocking than that little ditty. I'm talking about someone knitting the Anthropologie Inspired Wrap. Then what is the awe you say. It is that two people have finished knitting the Wrap, and both came out fantastic.

I'm so excited, because when I pressed the publish button on that pattern, the little voice in my head started in. You know the little voice I'm talking about? The one that tells you to put down that piece of chocolate cake, or tells you that you probably shouldn't have another glass of wine. The little voice that basically takes the fun out of everything. Yes, that voice. It caused me to worry that the pattern would be difficult to understand, or that I should have had someone test knit it. Basically I worried that people would be disappointed, and if there is one thing I hate to do, it is disappoint.

Christianne from Drop Stitch Knitter made the Anthro Inspired Wrap with Cascade 220 Wool and left off the buttons. I love how it came out! The color is great for fall.

Rosemary in Time
knit the wrap with a tweed yarn, and also left off the buttons, and I adore how it came out too!

Thank you both so much. You really made my day, because I have the rare opportunity to tell the little voice - I. told. you. so.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bonjour, mes amis!

Hello, my friends!

I'm settled into my new digs, and have even had a chance to knit a little. I present to you my new hat.

Pattern: Champs-Élysées Beret
By: Linda Wilgus, Popknits Issue Fall/Winter 2009
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Ariosa, 2 Skeins, Sangria
Needle: US 10 circular

I leave you with my favorite multilingual quote :-)

"Beer me dos Long Island ice teas, s'il vous plait."

Andy Bernard, The Office, Season 4, Business Trip

P.S. Still looking for a photographer :)