Sunday, April 11, 2010

Detail, details, details...

This was a fun detail to add to a plain cardigan. The tutorial and link for the lace can be found here.

I started with this cardigan.

I did have to remove all the beads from the shoulders of the cardigan first.

The lace came sewn onto tulle. In the tutorial the tulle is cut off, but I kind of liked how it looked so I didn't cut it off. What do you think?


Meet my new photographer. All my previous photographers were fired. Well actually they quit before I could fire them for cause. I guess they could see the writing on the wall. She is not bad with a point and shoot. She does whatever I ask her to do. She claims she was a model (something about hand knits). I just don't see it, but at this point I'm desperate, so I'll give her a chance.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Signs of Spring...

Finally, some signs of Spring are appearing. Mother Nature wasn't too pleased with my apology. She thought it wasn't sincere enough, so she punished me with four more weeks of rain. Really. I thought that we were going to have to build an ark. It was that bad around here.

All of that is forgotten today. It is beautiful and sunny and dry and not a cloud in the sky.

See what I mean? Beautiful.

On the craft front, I covered a not so pretty vase with the sleeve of an old sweater. It's incredibly easy to do. You just cut the sleeve off an old sweater and slip it around a vase. There are some great sweater vase tutorials on the Internet. I think it would be beautiful in fair isle, and look at this cute cable one Kim made.

And my favorite sign of Spring is:

hanging with my peeps!

Happy Spring!