Sunday, April 11, 2010

Detail, details, details...

This was a fun detail to add to a plain cardigan. The tutorial and link for the lace can be found here.

I started with this cardigan.

I did have to remove all the beads from the shoulders of the cardigan first.

The lace came sewn onto tulle. In the tutorial the tulle is cut off, but I kind of liked how it looked so I didn't cut it off. What do you think?


Meet my new photographer. All my previous photographers were fired. Well actually they quit before I could fire them for cause. I guess they could see the writing on the wall. She is not bad with a point and shoot. She does whatever I ask her to do. She claims she was a model (something about hand knits). I just don't see it, but at this point I'm desperate, so I'll give her a chance.


MadMad said...

I'd hire her! (Especially if she'd make me such beautiful sweaters in her down time, hahaha! It came out great, Mary!)

kim said...

I want to hang with you and maybe pick up some of your skills through osmosis. This is so cool!

Jane said...

I love the whole look! The photographer did an outstanding job!

vicki said...

oh my gosh - so anthropologie inspied! I love this!

so glad you fired all the other photographers - you found a good one this time!


t does wool said...

wow... gorgeous what you did with that sweater!!
great phots Mary.
Happy Mother's Day

Ally Johnston said...

The detail is fabulous.