Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan

I found this beautiful cardigan at Anthropologie. It is in a wool/angora blend and angora makes me itch all over, so I had an idea and it inspired me to create my own version. The original cardigan has set in sleeves and really cute pockets that look like a flower vase. It is in a pretty bubblegum pink color with silk flowers that look like orchids. Very sweet! As any knitter knows the price ($98) is not really that high considering the yarn, embellishments and labor that went into it. It was just an inspiration - a starting point. My version is knit in an Elsebeth Lavold DK weight silk/wool blend which makes it perfect for any season. I used top-down and seamless construction with a simple pocket. The color (#12) is called Dawn Rose. It is more of a lavender/pink color. I picked up some red silk flowers (not as nice as the Anthropologie version) at Joanne's. They were made by Wright's, but you could really embroider your own or add buttons or beads. The possibilities are endless. A few lazy daisy and back stitches for leaves and stems with some leftover green yarn and it was finished. This is my first written pattern. It is written for a finished size of 36 inches. It can be worn with negative or positive ease. I hope it is easy to follow. Please let me know if you find any errors or have any questions. BTW it only cost $25 to make. Enjoy!

Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan

A simple top-down seamless cardigan that is perfect for all seasons.

It’s really the details that make it Anthropologie inspired. Silk flowers and embroidered stems and leaves flowing from the pocket are what make the difference.


Yarn – Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (191 yd/skein); color: Dawn Rose; 3 skeins
Needles – 1 US #6/4mm circular needle, 32 inches or longer
1 set US #6/4mm double pointed needles or 2 circular needles
Notions – 4 stitch markers
3 1 inch diameter buttons
5 silk flowers
a few yards of green yarn for stems and leaves
tapestry needle
sewing needle

Gauge - 22 stitches/30 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch

Finished Bust - 36 inches


Using US 6 circular needle, cast on 46 stitches as follows: CO 2 (front), PM, CO 4 (sleeve), PM, CO 36 (back), PM, CO 4 (sleeve), PM, CO 2 (front)

(Begin Raglan Increases)
Row 1 (Right side) [K to one stitch before marker, K1F&B, SM, K1F&B] 4 times, knit to end. 8 stitches increased.

Row 2 (Wrong side) P all stitches

Repeat these two rows 3 times.

(Begin Front Shaping)
Row 9 (RS) K1F&B, [K to one stitch before marker, K1F&B, SM, K1F&B] 4 times, knit to last stitch, K1F&B. 10 stitches increased.

Row 10 (WS) Purl all stitches

Continue as follows:

All odd rows (RS) repeat row 1, except on rows 17, 25, 33, 41, 49 repeat row 9

All even rows (WS) purl all stitches

Row 57 [(RS) K1F&B, K to first marker, remove marker and slip next 60 sleeve stitches onto waste yarn, remove marker, knit across back 92 stitches to next marker, remove marker, slip next 60 sleeve stitches onto waste yarn, remove marker knit to end. (164 stitches)

Row 58 and all wrong side rows, purl all stitches

Row 59 and all right side rows, Knit all stitches, increase one stitch at the beginning and end of the row every eighth row 6 times (row 65, 73, 81, 89, 97 and 105)

You should now have 176 stitches on your needle. The front shaping is now done. Work even knitting all right side rows and purling all wrong side rows for three more inches. Body should measure 9 inches from underarm.

(2 x 1 Ribbing)
Row 1 (RS) K2, [P1, K2] repeat to end.
Row 2 (WS) P2, [K1, P2] repeat to end

Repeat these two rows until you have 2 inches of ribbing (about 14 rows).
BO in pattern.

Work in the round with US 6 DPN or 2 circular needles, transfer sleeve stitches from waste yarn to needles. Start K2, P1, rib. At end of round pick up and knit 3 stitches at underarm gap, PM for beg. Of round. Next round K2, P1, to end. Repeat 2 times more. BO in pattern.

(Buttonhole Band)
With right side facing, begin with bottom of right front, pick up and knit 72 stitches between bottom right front and first raglan increase at shoulder, pick up and knit 3 between right arm raglan stitches, pick and knit 35 across back, pick up and knit 3 between left sleeve raglan, pick up and knit 72 along left front.

Row 1 (WS) P2, [K1, P2] repeat to end.

Row 2 (RS) K2, [P1, K2] repeat to end.

Repeat these two rows 7 times (14 rows total) with the exception of Rows 6 and 7 (buttonholes).
Work buttonholes as follows: Mark placement of 3 buttonholes and BO 2 stitches at each buttonhole continuing in the ribbing pattern Knitting the Knits and Purling the Purls. On Row 7 CO 2 stitches at each buttonhole.

Row 14 (RS) BO in pattern.

CO 14 stitches.
Row 1 K2, [P1, K2] repeat to end.
Row 2 P2, [K1, P2] repeat to end
Repeat these two rows one more time.
Row 5 K4, M1, K3, M1, K3, M1, K4 (17 sts)
Row 6 P all sts.
Row 7 K all sts.
Repeat rows 6 and 7, 2 times
Row 14 P all sts.
Row 15 BO

Weave in ends, block, sew on pocket, sew on buttons, sew on flowers, embroider stems and leaves.



Philigry said...

that is so, so sweet! thank you for sharing the pattern! I may have to make one!

Kerry (Wendy's sister-in-law) said...

Adorable! I love your whole blog - so fun - I'm envious of your skills.

Alison Boon said...

Great pattern, I really like the deep v neck, makes it look quite chic.

MadMad said...

No way! That's awesome!

kim said...

Exactly what Rachel said. That is so adorable!!! Great job!

Stephanie said...

Ack! (that's what I exclaim when I'm excited by something). I saw that same cardigan at Anthropologie and thought what a cute idea. I LOVE your version!