Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Drawstring Raglan

Designer: Margery Winter
Needle: Size 6 Bamboo

Overall this was a quick knit. I did have to drop down a needle size to get gauge. The yarn is beautiful, but was a little frustrating to work with. It slipped off the Addi Turbo needles, and then was a bit hard to work with on the bamboo. Kind of like a "Goldilocks" thing. I knew I would like the end result, so I just kept reminding myself of this whenever I got frustrated. These pictures are not the best. Son took them. He was in a hurry, because it was over 90 degrees outside and with the humidity felt like 100, and he wanted to cool off after a long, sticky day at school (AC was broken). When I told him I thought we should retake them, he just shook his head. Does that mean "no", or does that mean he thinks I'm crazy? Probably both.

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MadMad said...

Oh, I love it - it came out great! (I just read another blog where the knitter had issues with this yarn - same ones, actually. She made Flow - and it also looks beautiful (A Friend to knit With is her blog, if you want to check it out.) But maybe it's one of those things where beauty doesn't come easy, ya' know - cuz your sweater (and hers) is beautiful - definitely worth all the effort!