Monday, June 9, 2008

Heat Wave

It is officially a heat wave here in the Northeast. This is the third day in a row with temperatures over 90, and it will continue tomorrow too. It is really hard to knit when the weather is like this, but I managed to finish the Drawstring Raglan except for a few ends that need to be woven in. I will try to take pictures later today.

I did do a quick and fun project over the weekend. I saw it on Creative Juice, the DIY Network show. I always wanted to try it, even bought the cookie cutters and liquid dishwasher soap, but somehow never managed to do it. (Nothing like a new blog to get you to be creative.) Anyway, you dip cookie cutters into liquid dishwasher soap. I used Cascade. Then stamp onto a t-shirt that has cardboard layered inside to protect the back. Dark color shirts work best. You let it set for a half an hour, and then wash and dry the shirt.

Here is a close up of the shirt.

This would be a great project to do with older children. The liquid dishwasher soap can be a bit messy and does contain bleach. It would be a nice alternative to the Tye-dye t-shirt.

Stay cool!


gaysknits said...

oh oh what a great idea! my grandaughter will love this!

MadMad said...

So this would partially explain what happened to my jeans after I wiped my hands on them after getting some Cascade on them...

cathie filian said...

It looks beautiful!

Keep Crafty,


mollie said...! love it!