Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tribute to Jane Brocket

I received Jane Brocket's new book The Gentle Art of Domesticity from Amazon the other day. I immediately made myself a cup of tea and sat down and flipped through the book. It is filled with lots of inspiration. As always the photos are beautiful, and the whole book is filled with heaps of color. There are a few recipes in the book too. The Fairy Bun recipe, that she posts a lot about on her blog Yarnstorm, is one that I've always wanted to try. The recipe called for self-rising flour, superfine sugar, lemons and food color paste. She was very specific about it being paste and not liquid, because liquid will water down the frosting, and the paste will make a richer color. So I made my list and off I went to the market. Hmmm, my local market did not carry self-rising flour, superfine sugar, or food color paste, but they did have lemons! So I used my creative skills and came up with a plan (nothing could stop me now).

My solution: boxed cake mix and liquid food color (I'll just use less lemon juice.)

And so that became this:

Close but no cigar as they used to say back in the day. I do think Jane would be quite proud of me anyway, because really she is all about just enjoying the simple pleasures of home, and that is exactly what I did. They taste really good too!

I am working on some fingerless mitts. The pattern is the Daisy Stitch Hand Warmers by the Purl Bee. I'm using Classic Elite Waterlily.

I'm off for some tea and a faux Fairy Bun.


Philigry said...

those look good! the cupcakes and the hand warmers!

TLCknits said...

I love how the color theme between the buns and the mitts!

sweetp said...

Love how your handwarmers match the cupcakes. They do look very yum!

amanda said...

I've got this book too. Good for drooling over1 Tagged you for a meme on my blog btw!