Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Son's Offically a Junior!

Back to School Check List

Pencils - check
Notebook - check
Backpack - check
New underwear and socks - check

I guess it's official. Son is entering his junior year today, and I really can't believe it! This year he will turn 16, learn how to drive, and start looking at colleges. I do miss the early years, but I'm really enjoying watching him grow into the kind, funny and very intelligent young man that he is becoming.

Good Luck, Son!


FunctionalPlaces said...

You and HM should be very proud of him. I like that the dog is in the picture, too, watching him leave for school.

Philigry said...

yes, good luck!
i love the doggie in the shot too. it is a golden? we have a female golden, and we love her to death!

Denise said...

Good luck to your son, hope he has a great year. I have 8 more years before that ;-) my nearly 8 year old started 2nd grade last week!

MadMad said...

Oh, I'm so glad he finished the book, hahahaha! Hope he has a great year!