Friday, August 1, 2008

Making Covered Buttons

After making covered buttons for the Lotus Cami, I decided to take it one step further and make some embroidered covered buttons for Flair. Oh yeah, Flair, I've been working on Flair for about a month, off and on, in between other projects. I thought I'd give it even more flair with some pretty buttons. I have seen many embroidered button tutorials on the web, and lots of fabulous finished buttons too.

I'm using some hounds tooth tweed and adding french knots. The floss I'm using is from Week's Dye Works. They make beautiful hand over dyed floss. The colors are gorgeous. I'm hoping they won't run. I'll have to try soaking one in cold water.

This project was so much fun that I want to add embroidered buttons to everything. Oh, someone help me! Oh, and if you don't like to embroider, but like the buttons you can find some for sale here. I bought a yo yo dish towel from Simply June, and I love it!

Flair just needs some sleeves and then she will be finished!

Have a great weekend!


TLCknits said...

Perfection!..I'm no good at sewing/embroidery... French knots..? that'a baked good? right? ;o)

Philigry said...

cute buttons! I love flair. I made it in red, and I just bought some blue to make another one! can't wait to see yours.

kim said...

Those are absolutely adorable! I love the French knots (and laughed at Tracy's comment).