Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kids say the funniest things!

When son was 18 months old, he called peas - balls.

When son was 4, we took him to a fancy restaurant and he ordered a cheese burger. When it arrived garnished with pretty kale leaves and tomatoes and radishes cut into flower shapes, he said, "I didn't order THIS!"

When son was 6, we were at another restaurant, and he kept putting his straw in his nose and giggling. HM said, "Don't do that!" Son said, "It's just a joke Dad."

Fast forward to yesterday:

Son (15 years old) said, "Mom, I was wondering if you could take me to a parking lot and let me drive around."

Ha, he must be joking!

Son driving at 18 months!


MadMad said...

Oh, the 18-month old type of driving is WAY MORE FUN, tell him. Also, cuter!

kim said...

This is why my parents had the neighbor next door teach me. Much less stress.